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Sara Taylor

Sara Taylor

Died:  May 19, 1972

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01/17/12 05:44 PM #1    

Cynthia Dishroon (Morrison) (1968)

She made both English and Latin interesting! She was so animated and obviously loved teaching. It was so funny when she called on the "sleepers" in her class!!

02/09/12 05:40 PM #2    

Joseph Henry Farquharson (1964)

Mrs. Taylor was the most skillful teacher I had throughout all of my education. She challenged each of her students to be their best. "Be all that you can be" did not originate with the US Army. Mrs. Taylor instilled this desire within each one of us who were privileged to be in her class. She was unique in many ways. She took a genuine interest in her students. The strict side of her was tempered by caring eyes, and the "you can do it" encouragement she communicated so effectively. I miss her to this day!

02/16/12 07:44 PM #3    

Julia Lewis (Hayes) (1966)

To the AP senior English class - today boys and girls we will lear to write a sentence.  It was the most important lesson I ever learned.  After she was convinced we coould write a sentence we were allowed to write paragraphs, then essays and then termpapers.  I can still turn out a lecture or lesson in no time because of that.  Every thing had to have an intro, 3 points and an ending.  Who still teaches like that!?!?!?

02/27/12 02:15 PM #4    

Les Wilson (1964)

  I was one of several to carry Mrs. Taylor down Auditorium Drive to a doctor in our junior year when she had a heart attack in third period. Someone asked for volunteers to carry Mrs. Taylor on a door that was available as a stretcher and some of us in class volunteered. I shall never forget that mission nor will I ever forget receiving a phone call as I returned to College Park from Korea that Mrs. Taylor had died that day in 1972. I always felt that Mrs. Taylor and Manson Steuart were my first taste of what we would be exposed to in college professors. I never forgot her methods and while I did not make totally best usage of her teachings, it was still an intro I shall never forget.RIP Sara Taylor!

09/08/12 02:16 AM #5    

Harris Wheeler (1965)

I truly enjoyed the English class with Mrs. Taylor. English was always interesting in her class. I loved her unique control of the class. I will never forget the time she told a student: "You are as good as gold. But gold doesn't get up and sharpen their pencil while the teacher is talking". Great moments.....

09/08/12 11:40 PM #6    

Jackie Bell (Samsel) (1959)

I, too loved Ms Taylor. I had her for Freshman English. She was always in control of her class in a kind but comical way. If she caught you talking while she was teaching she would stop and look over her glasses and say "now darling love, I don't want you talking. I don't care if you're saying God is love or Be ye kind".She was definitely one of a kind, a genuine sweet soul. One of my favorite teachers at CPHS. RIP Ms. Sarah Taylor.

11/22/13 12:50 PM #7    

John David Pickering, Sr. (1974)

Mrs. Taylor gave me the inspiration to suceed in life.  I was from a poor family without much education and she saw something in me.  I excelled in her classes and she put me on the intelligencia row.  She gave me the courage to write stories, poetry and latter books in my life.  I have always treasured her saying "That a wise man knows nothing and fool thinks he knows everything!".  I went on in life to serve in two branches of the military, earn four degrees including a PhD, start and sell a mult-million dollar company, rise through all the ranks of business management, retire on my ranch in Montana and finally to become Santa Claus to give back.  Thanks Mrs. Taylor!

08/03/15 04:23 PM #8    

Dorothy Joanne Toulon (Youngblood) (1969)

I enjoyed both my English and Latin classes with Mrs. Taylor infact, I was able to use my Latin

in the Stations of the Cross when we lived in Israel. I will forever be grateful to Mrs. Taylor for instilling a lifelong love of literature. On the funny side, she was the college roomate and life long friend of our neighbor across the street so I knew that if I ever performed poorly on one of her tests my mother would know about it before me!  She was a wonderful teacher and cared about all her students. There will never be another like her.

Joanne Toulon Youngblood



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