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12/09/22 07:24 PM #264    

Carol Stockton (Mannon) (1961)

Does anyone have any information on Charlie Palmer?  He and my brother (Gary Stockton) were great friends.

12/10/22 10:21 AM #265    


Thomas Marshall Miller (1958)

I Googled Charles Skippy Palmer Georgia and got a hit with voter data that says his address is 155 Mossy Hollow, Newnan, Georgia 30265.  It says he was born in 1938.  I knew he was a little older than the rest of us because he had been in the army. gives the same address plus a phone number, 770-253-9785, and notes that he was born Jan 1938 and is 84 years old.    

01/18/23 08:17 PM #266    

Ruby Victoria Hardegree (Price) (1948)

Ruby Victoria Hardegree Price (now Victoria (Vicki) Price), class of 1948

After retiring as a professor of English for 42 years at Lamar  University in Beaumont, TX, I finally retired when I was 83.  After five years  a lovely retirement community there, almost exactly one year ago, I moved to the Chicago area of Ilinois (Addison, IL) to be nearer my daughter Patti Noible. I am actively participating in activities at Claremont of Addison, another lovely retirement community.  I stay busy working on genealogy, reading, serving as an Ambassador at Clarendale and on the Resident Council in addition to being the librarian of our library here.  I have 7 living grandchildren (2 died), 9 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandson.  At 90, I'm still going strong  Please put me on the Illinois list, as I am no longer in Texas after 66 years there.

01/18/23 09:44 PM #267    

Deborah Lane (Brown) (1976)

Hi guys! I graduated in 1976. I married in January of 78. Had 38 years of a nice marriage until 2016 when my hubby passed away. Upon his death, I wrote and published a book about the last nine years of his life being disabled. It was a hit book and sales are nice. The book is titled: Oh No? Not again. If you want to look it up on Amazon, type in the title and Deborah L. Brown and it will come up. It's a great grief counseling book. See you guys in the sequel. 

02/17/23 11:49 AM #268    


Marcia Thompson (Williams Bryant) (1962)

Hi, this is Marcia Thompson Williams. It has been a long since I have been posted. I have been doing good still living in the same place in JONESBORO for over 25 years. My last husband passed away eight years ago. I am currently in a relationship with a very nice man. My sister Glenda had major surgery April 2022 and complications arose and she is currently in a rehab facility hoping for the best for her my brother Dennis lives in Newnan. He no longer can get on websites as he has had a vision loss. Just wanted to update you all on the THOMPSON family I still think dearly of all my high school friends. . I am currently on FACEBOOK.Would love to hear from you❤️

02/18/23 05:08 PM #269    


Carl Cartledge (1959)

Hi. This is Carl Cartledge, class of 1959, catching classmates up on what has been going on since I graduated. Some of  this  you may know from past reunions, some you may not. After graduating from CPHS and then UGA, I spent four years in the Navy. After training, I spent the remaining three and a half years overseas, but was never on a ship. Two wonderful years were spent in Tokyo on a Joint Service Intelligence facility.Next I went to a communincations station near Rabat, Morocco. The year after discharge, I entered service with the V.A., first in Jackson Mississippi, then Atlanta and the final 23 years in Louisville, Kentucky where my two sons were raised. One is still there, the other in Los Angeles. With the G.I. Bill I was able to complete graduate education in vocational rehabilitation counseling and retired in 2000 as a counseling psychologist. The year following retirement, my wife Melody and I moved to Athens where we remained for 17 years. Through the years,I 've enjoyed golf and singing. Groups I've sung with include four barbershop choruses,the Athens  choral society and the current community chorus I sing in. In 2018 Melody and I moved to metro Houston to be near Melody's daughter from a prior marriage. We live in a Del Webb retirement community in suburban Richmond, Texas. At 81, I'm blessed to be in good health and have many fond memories of class mates at CPHS.

03/13/23 08:32 PM #270    

Susan Allen (Norton) (1974)

In memory of Diane Clark Chandler Class of 1966

05/15/23 12:50 PM #271    


Larry McDonald (1952)

I am looking for the 1953 annual.  I was on the 52 baseball team and the pictures of the team appeared in the 53 annual.  If you have this annual and you could send the pictures of the team I would really appreciate it.  My e-mail address is, My telephone number is 772 559-8999.  If you have these I really would appreciate you letting me know.

. Thanks

05/15/23 04:34 PM #272    

Ginger (Kathryn Virginia) Croley (Blackstone) (1967)

Larry--Just saw your message seeking 1953 CPHS Annual. In the next day or two, I'll check to see if we have a CPHS '53 yearbook at the CP Historical Society. I'm on the Historical Society Board, have access to the building, and will be glad to check & let you know. Ginger Croley Blackstone, Class of 1967

gmail:   tel: 404-398-3667

05/16/23 06:40 AM #273    


Robert (Bob) Rogers (1966)


There is a website on Facebook that advertises they have any yearbook for any high school. Hope this helps!





05/16/23 04:53 PM #274    


Don Stockton (1953)

I have a 1949 and a 1950 Aries that I'd like to pass on at no charge to anyone who is interested.  I also have a 1953 Aries that I'm keeping in the family. 

05/17/23 07:26 AM #275    


Thomas Marshall Miller (1958)

After seeing Larry's message, I looked on My Heritage (via library access).  They have lots of CPHS Aries online that you can view and copy, but the closest I could find to what Larry wanted was 1955, which I assume is too far removed.  

05/17/23 08:04 AM #276    


Robert (Bob) Rogers (1966)

In response to Dallas Rodgers' post, all yearbooks from all years of all schools are available to look at online and are supposed to be free. I’ll try to find it; anyone can Google it. Also Ebay lists yearbooks. Prisons now have yearbooks with The Most Likely to Escape category.

05/18/23 02:30 PM #277    

Raymond Prestage (1953)

I have sent Larry copies of pictures he needed so he is taken care of.

Raymond Prestage class of 53 

07/02/23 08:43 AM #278    


Robert (Bob) Rogers (1966)

Once again, our once fair city has ranked No. 1 as the top crime rate city in all of Georgia. If planning to attend the reunion, please realize times have changed, please be vigilant while having fun!

  1. College Park. College Park, sitting on the southern side of Atlanta, tops the list once again as Georgia's most perilous city. ... 
  2. Americus. Coming in second place as one of Georgia's most perilous places is Americus, a city of 14,910 residents in Sumter County. ... 
  3. Garden City. 

07/05/23 09:44 AM #279    


Scott Brook (1970)

Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, College Park has 2 zip codes.  The prementioned alarm was for the zip code that includes Old National Highway, and South.  Historic Downtown College Park is NOT the zip code that the article was referencing.

07/17/23 05:53 PM #280    


Larry McDonald (1952)

Is there any one from the class of 52 going to the reunion?

09/14/23 02:07 PM #281    

Johnny Duncan (1963)


Johnny and Toni Duncan will be married 60 years


09/15/23 07:12 AM #282    

Barbara Gazaway (Ramsay) (1959)

Anniversary blessings to you both❣️



09/16/23 07:24 AM #283    

Toni Blair (Lieberman) (1957)

Happy Anniversary to you both! Make each day full of love and laughter!  
Toni Blair Lieberman class of 57




09/16/23 07:17 PM #284    


Ward Lawton (1954)

Lawton' still in the fourth quarter down to the 2 minute warning can't punt because I can't see te ball or lift my leg that high.  Badgett is sending in a cheer leader to replace me.  I will just sit on the bench to the clock runs out.  A old Lamb.  Lawton  '54.

09/17/23 08:56 AM #285    


Walter T (Tommy) Fields (1960)

You're a RAM! STAY TOUGH, Ward Lawton!

09/17/23 08:56 AM #286    


Walter T (Tommy) Fields (1960)

You're a RAM! STAY TOUGH, Ward Lawton!

09/18/23 01:33 PM #287    


Larry McDonald (1952)

Ward, you can still run the ball and catch passes.  Think possitive, you are still in the game of life.  I think of you all the time when I think back on the good times at CPHS. You were and still are the best, God Bless

09/19/23 11:25 AM #288    


Sandy Elaine Harris (1972)

Hi I am Sandy Harris from Class of 1972.   I am currently still living in Florida in Jacksonville.  I live with my son Victor.  Unfortunately, I lost my fiancee in a freak tragic auto accident 1 1/2 years ago.  This was devastating and a setback but I am better everyday.  My life is spent enjoying my grandkids Logan, Karina, Lola Mae and Nimh.  They are my heart.  I am curently not working after retiring.  I try and do part time jobs when available.  Still love God, family and friends and enjoy doing as many outdoor hobbies as I can.  Still love dancing and crafting.  Would love to hear from friends from CPHS.  Hope everyone is doing great and living their best life.  Much Love

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